Boost your budget and cut your airfare spending for every flight.

SmartFLY* boosts your bottom line and increases your comfort in transit with bigger airfare rebates and better perks on the ground.

Take advantage of:

  • Exclusive pre-negotiated air deals
  • Rebates on air spend across SmartFLY carriers with global coverage
  • No joining fees or any hidden fees

* SmartFLY is only available for clients with local FCM contracts and without existing corporate program with any of the SmartFLY carriers.


Earning SmartFLY Rebates
The more you fly with our preferred airline partners, the more rebates you will earn!


Annual eligible expenditure (SGD)

Total SmartFLY rebate

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



*Annual eligible expenditure refers to your spend in 12 months from date of sign-up.


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