Travel habits differ between millennials and Gen X passengers

Millennial travellers are more willing to cut back on in-flight comfort for greater savings compared with Generation X travellers, according to a new survey from Hipmunk.

The online travel company surveyed a total of 3,187 US leisure and business travel passengers during October last year to gain insight into generational differences regarding on-board habits. 

For the purposes of the survey, millennials were defined as those aged between 18 and 34, while Generation X travellers were determined as those between 35 and 54 years of age.

The results reveal that 28 per cent of millennials would be willing to stand on their flights if it meant saving money, compared with 16 per cent of Gen X passengers. 

In addition to this, 70 per cent of millennials indicated they would be willing to sit next to restrooms for reduced leisure and business airfares, compared with 54 per cent of the Gen X group.

However, the survey also showed that millennials would be willing to pay more for enhanced on-board experiences. Compared with 18 per cent of Gen X respondents, 38 per cent of millennials said they would pay more for their ticket if it meant access to an open bar while in the air.

As well as this, 79 per cent of millennials said they would like themed seasonal flights - complete with snacks, drinks and movies centred around the theme - but only 64 per cent of Gen X travellers said the same.

Meanwhile, 24 per cent of millennials would pay more to fly if their plane was free of children, in contrast to 18 per cent of Gen X passengers.

The survey results could have an influence on both leisure and corporate travel planning, with Hipmunk Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldstein saying millennials are signalling the pattern of change.

"Tech-savvy travellers care more about the in-flight experience," Mr Goldstein said in a January 23 statement.