Bluesmart: The new generation of luggage

Trying in vain to cram clothes for all weather conditions into a suitcase before juggling it on a set of scales to check the weight is a scene familiar to many holiday-goers. 

But a new product aims to simplify the process with in-built scales, travel tips and much more - and it will even lock itself when you walk away.

Called Bluesmart the carry-on suitcase syncs with an app to provide a host of data for travellers in an attempt to make their journey easier.

It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with a user's phone allowing them to lock, unlock, weigh, locate and track the suitcase. It is 21.5” x 14” x 9 inches (54.6 x 35.6 x 22.9cm) in size - approved by all airlines to carry on - and weighs 8.5lbs (3.8kg).

A built-in battery charger can also be used to fully charge devices six times over. Entering your flight details in the app will provide you with numerous updates on your flight such as its current status. The app will also check the weather at your destination and tell you the sorts of things you'll need to pack. Lifting up the handle, meanwhile, will activate the scales that are built into the suitcase –- with the weight displayed on the app. A lock and unlock feature is also built into the suitcase; proximity sensors detect if you have walked away and automatically lock it when you’re not nearby. Another bugbear of travellers is the moment a bag gets re-routed, leaving the person stranded in a new destination with none of their belongings. The location software in the suitcase, though, shows you where the bag is at any given moment so it can be found when lost or re-routed. Users can also see their travel habits including miles travelled, airports visited and time spent in each country with the app.

Storage situated at the front of the bag lets you quickly access your laptop and other electronic gear so you can roll through TSA checks. Avid travelers may also enjoy seeing their trip data collected on the Bluesmart app, including which airports you've been at, how long you've spent in each country and the number of miles you've covered during your journeys.

To that end, the Bluesmart is designed with waterproof zipper, anodized aluminum for the handle and four spinner wheels. It has a 34-liter capacity and the current prototypes weigh 8.5 pounds, though the Bluesmart team is working on making it lighter.

The first shipment of orders is due out in August 2015, and is expected to sell out immediately.


Bluesmart Features

Digital Lock: Users can lock and unlock the suitcase from the phone app. The proximity sensors automatically lock the bag when it is separated from the user.

Digital Scale: Users are able to see the exact weight of the suitcases on the app and whether it’s approved by the airline to carry on.

Distance Alerts: Users are notified on their smartphones via SMS when they are leaving their suitcases behind, avoiding losses or thefts.

Location Tracking: With GPS technology Bluesmart tracks the location of the suitcase and helps you find it when lost or re-routed.

Trip Stats and Data: Users are able to see trends in their travel habits (miles travelled, airports visited, time per state/country) and sync with other services for smart notifications and reminders.

Battery charger: Users can recharge their electronic devices up to six times while on the go