Service Apartments: More than a room

Occasionally, some employees leave the country for more than a month for projects for an indefinite period of time. Living in a hotel seems glamorous but is it conducive enough? Perhaps you should look at an alternative home away from home, like a service apartment.

We asked several frequent travellers when they will consider staying in a service apartment and surprising enough anything longer than a week prompts them to choose a service apartment.

However most travel managers and travellers are adamant and unfamiliar with the landscape of serviced apartments. Most of the common concerns range from cost and service levels provided to the traveller’s well-being.

We will clear misconceptions of service apartments for both travellers and travel managers: 

#1 There is a minimum stay!

You do not have to commit to a month to stay in a service apartment. Some apartment chains require a minimum stay and some do not. But you can be assured that you do not need to book your stay for a whole month even when you will only be present for 20 days.

#2 No chambermaids to clean my room.

Contrary to the impression that service apartments are just – decorated rooms with no staff, most properties have a designated cleaning team.

#3 Are there any food options?

These days, most service apartments serve breakfasts, some have cafes within the premise that open for 24 hours or are built within a self-contained neighborhood with food options so guests will never go hungry or have to cook their own meals. 

There are a few features that make service apartments stand-out as a long-stay option compared to hotels.

1. Cost – When it comes to a week-long stay, serviced apartments can be significantly less costly than hotels because extras such as room service, hotel restaurants and bars do not apply in the serviced apartment model. Many corporates will measure these savings as ‘total cost of stay’ including car park, WiFi, food and beverage etc. You can consider it as stretching your dollar or getting more value from your stay.

2. Environment – In terms of security, service apartments do not see the stream of people come and go like a hotel (whereby one night stays are frequent) so security personnel are familiar with habits of guests. The service apartment has a home-like environment which makes the traveller relaxed and thus enhances work productivity.

3. Cooking – It is not often that a hotel provides for a microwave oven in the room. Newer properties contain coffee makers within the room. But service apartments are usually equipped with fully-functioning kitchens, enabling the traveller to entertain and the company to control food budgets

Lastly, serviced apartments are the perfect alternative for a home away from home. 


Image Credit: Far East Hospitality