The New Qantas A330 Business Suites

New A330 Business Class Suite

On 21st October, Qantas announced the re-vamp of the A330 Business Suites, introducing the world-first seat recline from take-off to landing. 

Customer are now able to enjoy this new benchmark of luxury on 15 key domestic routes and international routes to Asia and Hawaii. The new Business Suite will be available on all 28 of Qantas A330 fleet. The Suites also offer fully-flat beds and direct aisle access for every Business Class passenger in a 1-2-1 layout. 

Marc Newson, Qantas Creative Designer stated that the guiding principles behind the new A330 Business Suites were intelligent design and functionality, based from feedback from Qantas customers who flew long domestic and overnight international flights from Asia. The emphasis is on creating a single space that encompasses comfort, privacy, practicality, style and a relaxed environment for the customer to work, dine or sleep.

New A330 International Economy Seats

The A330’s Economy cabins on all international flights will be fitted with the next-generation model of the award winning Recaro seat, which had an earlier edition on the A380 and refurbished B747 aircraft. Economy seats on the A330-200s that fly domestic routes will also be refreshed. 

All cabins in the international A330 and domestic Business Class customers will get to enjoy the latest Panasonic eX3 inflight entertainment system, with larger seatback touchscreens in addition to Q Streaming technology, enabling them to stream content from an extensive entertainment library directly to their own devices.

The work to refresh the aircraft interiors take about one month for each aircraft and will begin at Qantas’ heavy maintenance facility in Brisbane in November. The first of the domestic refurbished A330 will fly late December from the east coast to Perth and the first international A330 will commence flying at the start of next year. 


International and domestic routes currently serviced by Qantas A330s:

- Sydney – Melbourne

- Sydney – Brisbane- Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to Perth

- Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to Singapore

- Melbourne/Brisbane to Hong Kong

- Sydney – Bangkok

- Sydney – Jakarta

- Sydney - Manila= - Sydney – Honolulu

- Sydney – Shanghai



*Image and video credits from Qantas Newsroom