FCm Goes Mobile in Singapore

FCm Travel Solutions Singapore is about to launch ‘FCm Mobile’, an integrated mobile phone solution for the travel management company’s corporate travellers. FCm Mobile gives travellers access to their itineraries, enables them to receive flight status notifications and to check-in for flights. It also provides travel information such as airport guides, currency conversion and weather forecasts. The solution allows FCm’s travel teams to stay in touch with clients while they are on the move, providing up-to-the-minute information via their mobile devices.


FCm partnered up with Mantic Point, a UK based firm, earlier this year to introduce the application. This follows on from a six month review by FCm, which investigated a range of mobile phone solutions and apps currently available for the travel market.


FCm Singapore’s General Manager, Mark Ten, said FCm is excited about launching FCm Mobile to their clients, “Singapore has one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates, so launching FCm Mobile is a natural progression for the company. This additional free tool will allow our clients to travel more efficiently than ever before”. 


Katie Thomas, Global Product Manager Traveller Services, FCm Travel Solutions said “It provides FCm with a globally consistent application to ensure business travel for our customers is quick, easy and instantly accessible. FCm Mobile, using the Mantic Point platform, has the ability to integrate with external databases, GDS systems and provides multi-language capability’.


“When we launch FCm Mobile our customers will not only have all of their travel information at their fingertips but those using the FCm Portal product will be able to access both tools with the same login details. Down the track users will have consistent content across both products.”