Free White Paper: Help or hype - do travel apps make a difference?

FCM White Paper: Help or hype - do travel apps make a difference?
White Papers 02 Nov 2018

Are your employees using apps to manage their travel plans? From flights and online check-in, to arranging ground transport and submitting expenses, mobile apps have revolutionised the face of corporate travel. But are they a help or a hinderance?

Mobile applications continue to promise so much in corporate travel but they haven’t quite delivered - yet. There is the distant dream of a single app acting as an access point to airline and hotel and restaurant reservations, itinerary management, ground transportation, loyalty schemes, digital wallets and perhaps even a virtual assistant. These services would all be seamlessly integrated to allow for travel policy compliance, duty of care obligations as well as expense management and the all important spend visibility. And, they would truly act as a digital companion with in-trip timely information for travellers and push notifications with helpful tips and tricks that could increase efficiency and even improve compliance.


Mobile promise & consumer technology trends

Corporate buyers and bookers have been the focus for technology developments in business travel often neglecting the needs of the business traveller. But now mobile technology and chatbot developments are becoming crucial. 

The trend for consumer technology tipping into corporate travel is one of the drivers especially with younger generations coming into the workforce that run their lives via their mobile devices; some research suggests that the average consumer checks their device 47 times per day, one of the factors driving the rise of mobile with some large companies recognising the pace of change and pushing for a more digital workplace that can attract and retain the best employees.

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