Uber overtakes car rentals in expenses reports

Travel News 01 Feb 2016

In a recent report by Business Travel News, Q4 of 2015 represents the first time Uber rides outpaced car rentals on Certify corporate expense reports.

Uber accounted for 41% of rides, an increase from 34% in the previous quarter, according to Certify's analysis of 9 million receipts and expenses during the fourth quarter and 30 million receipts for the full year. Car rentals' share fell to 39% during the fourth quarter compared with 44 percent in the third quarter.

Taxis, meanwhile, lost 2 % points in share quarter over quarter, accounting for 20 % of rides. Uber first surpassed taxis in terms of share during the second quarter of 2015.

Uber’s chief competitor, Lyft, accounted for a relatively small portion of receipts processed, and Certify did not count it in market share totals. However, Lyft also is growing in use among corporate travellers. It accounted for more than seven times as many expenses in 2015 as in 2014.

Certify’s analysis shows the growth of the sharing economy on the lodging side, as well. Receipts from Airbnb rose 259% year over year in 2015, appearing most often in San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Oakland and New York City domestically and in Vancouver, London, Toronto, Mexico City and Sydney outside of the United States.