Price is one of the most important priorities for business travellers

Travel News 01 Oct 2015

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation has released a study on the differing booking behaviours of business travellers.

Two of the top three rated factors focus on the outcome of the booking rather than the process. 56 percent of business travellers rank “finding the right price” among their top three booking priorities showing they may be receptive to travel buyers’ efforts to convince them to book using methods that yield the greatest savings.

The study examined how travellers make bookings for business trips with a focus on hotel bookings revealing differences between types of travellers based on their age and the size of their organization.

Employees from large organizations were more likely to use a corporate online booking tool (OBT) than those at smaller organizations who are more likely not to have OBTs. When it comes to booking through alternative channels for hotel accommodations, 54 percent used a direct channel, 41 percent used a third-party website and 5 percent used an event registration site. Interestingly, 42 percent who used an alternative channel said they are not required to share their travel information with their company. This hampers a travel buyers’ ability to monitor and enforce policy compliance and also means they may not be able to locate their traveller in an emergency.