New Security Measures for US-bound flight from the UK

Travel News 01 Jul 2014

From July 9th, there will be increased screening that could potentially apply to all US-bound flights to and from UK.  This includes transatlantic flights and those connecting the UK to mainland Europe. (Upon new release, the specific routes that are affected has not been determined by authorities.) 

The new measures require passengers to demonstrate that electronic devices in carry-on luggage can be activated. If a device is inoperable, the passenger will be barred from taking it abroad the aircraft. The devices in question include all electronic and electrical appliances, including laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Passengers are also advised that deceives in checked baggage could be screened as well. The additional measure could lead to increase time clearing airport security, particularly if passengers are denied access at security lines until they can charge their appliances.

For further information please contact your travel manager.