International SOS partners with MedAire to publish medical and travel security risk

Travel News 01 Jan 2016

MedAire launch Travel Risk Map 2016 to help organisations better understand the risks in the markets where they operate and travel.

MedAire and International SOS have published a Health Risk Map since 2010. The map was renamed to Travel Risk Map for 2016 to take into account the newly added travel security risk ratings. It is the industry’s first integrated medical and travel security risk map.

The Travel Risk Map displays each country’s medical risk rating and travel security risk rating. The result is a comprehensive overview of risks by destination to aid organisations and staff in their travel risk mitigation efforts.

An analysis of international business travel against the Travel Risk Map ratings found that nearly 1 in 3 trips abroad are to countries with a higher medical or security risk rating than the travellers’ home country.

A recent Ipsos Global Advisor study asked participants about their concerns and preparations when travelling abroad. The report found that while 8 in 10 travellers have felt their personal safety could be threatened while abroad, less than 4 in 10 travellers research crime at destination, neighbourhoods to avoid, safety standards of public transport, or security features of their accommodation before they travel. The study also reported that while 71% of senior executive travellers have experienced a medical problem abroad; only 15% assess adequacy of local healthcare before travelling.