GBTA highlights trends in consolidating business meetings and travels

Travel News 01 Aug 2015

Global Business Travel Association Foundation surveyed 200 North American and European travel buyers to uncover that one-half of them have organized meetings together with travel programs. The report “Meetings, Events and Travel Programs: Consolidation Drivers and Barriers” highlighted the increasing trend of consolidating travel and meetings. Nearly four out of five of those surveyed said the consolidation efforts were successful in improving cost visibility and transparency, the number-one driver for all consolidation efforts.

The most popular reasons for consolidation efforts are better leverage and maximizing travel spend, obtaining better negotiated rates and dynamic pricing and increasing efficiency and improving service for stakeholders.

In the report, it was revealed that technology platforms are also shown to help drive consolidation efforts. 48% of those with consolidated programs have most likely used a management tech platform as compared to those without consolidation programs.