Bahrain eases visa for foreigners

Travel News 01 Apr 2015

Following on from the new visa policy announced in September 2014, the government of Bahrain has announced a second phase updates which will allow business visitors and tourists to spend longer periods of time in the country.

The move also improves ease of access for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) residents and visa holders. In October last year, the new visa policy was implemented allowed nationals from over 100 countries to obtain a visa either online ahead of travel, via the Bahrain government’s eVisa website, or on arrival. The results of the policy move showed improved visitor arrivals.

Hence from April 1st, both business visitors and tourists will be able to spend longer periods of time in the Kingdom, as the new policy dictates that business visas will be valid for a month and are multi-entry, whilst visitor visas are valid for three months and are also multi-entry.

GCC residents of any nationality will be eligible to receive multi-entry visas on arrival or online making it easier for expatriates living in the region to travel to Bahrain.

Furthermore, nationals from countries that are not included in the countries eligible for eVisas or visas on arrival can still apply for eVisas if they have a visit visa for any other GCC country.

The new policy is also being accompanied by improvements to the individual screening process, ensuring faster and more effective processing of applications.


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