Penalty to be imposed on stretching air ticket time limits

DID YOU KNOW THAT UP TO 75% of bookings on some airlines in Singapore are never ticketed !

This is having a major impact on airline profits and one of the reasons why many SQ flights are shown as full or wait list when you try to book. SQ has now advised that they are imposing penalties for poor booking practices.

Whilst it is difficult when business trips for meetings may not be confirmed or still awaiting approval , the airline is now imposing penalties to enforce adherence to ticketing time limits and to improve availability.


What are the changes and how do they impact you as a traveller?  

Stretching ticketing time limits

Effective immediately travel agencies are no longer able to cancel and re-book to stretch the original airline ticketing time limit in the event you are not able to get travel approval or firm up your business meeting. 

Cancelling or re-booking of the same itinerary in the same or different booking class across one or more bookings to circumvent ticketing time limits is also not allowed. 


So what does this mean to as a traveller?

Whilst a travel manager can cancel and re-book as a last resort, there is a risk the airline may levy a penalty per flight sector ($8 per sector as in the case of SQ). This will be an additional cost to your travel that you should be prepared for. You may also run the risk of the airline auto-cancelling your booking.

Waitlist sectors : 

Some classes on SQ are no longer able to be waitlisted – waitlist is not allowed on N, V and T class. Waitlisting on flights that are unlikely to clear or where alternative arrangements have been made hold up the airline’s inventory and may lead to servicing issues. Unwanted waitlist segments must also be cancelled and removed promptly, at least 24 hours before flight departure.


So what does this mean to as a traveller?

You cannot hold waitlists after you have issued a ticket or you run the risk of receiving an $8 per flight penalty notice – again this is an additional cost to your trip.

Your appointed Travel Manager recognises these changes may impact your travel planning and will help you with any questions or concerns as you make your bookings. FCm’s also anticipates that as SQ lead this initiative more airlines will follow.