Will the carry-on crackdown affect Corporate Travel?

United Airlines is getting tough on passengers with oversized carry-on bags.  

The Chicago-based airline has installed new bag-sizers at most airports. It also emailed its frequent fliers, reminding them of its rules on carry-on size. United says there is no change in policy — just a campaign to improve passenger awareness. Some of United’s new sizers are located ahead of security checkpoints.

Employees contracted by the airline will send passengers whose bag exceeds the dimensions for carry-ons back to the ticket counter, where they check the bag and pay a $25 fee. Airlines have traditionally asked people with oversize bags to check them at the gate, but waived the $25 fee at that point.Some travelers are suggesting this is part of a larger attempt by United to collect more fees. The airline says it's simply trying to speed up the boarding process.  

Airline carry-on policies are getting stricter, with many implementing tighter security to monitor and measure passengers baggage. This could have a major impact on corporate travel, with the average business trip being around 2 to 3 days, carry-on is the most common form of luggage. Flights are booked to fit in with the schedule of a trip, and having to wait for luggage can not only be inconvenient but it adds onto the total travel time.