Business Travel Apps to keep you on Point

There are plenty of travel apps developed to ease the many burdens of travelling, but what are the ones that should stay on your phone menu? Take a look at this list of great apps that can help you stay on point.



This app made it on CNN’s Top Air Travel Apps List. It provides real-time flight status with push notifications along with airport content specifically customized as per your itinerary. It also gives users exclusive discounts to reserve last-minute airport rental cars.



Not much of a planner? With TripIt®, all you need to do is forward your travel confirmation – air, hotel, transport, tour, emails to and TripIt automatically creates a detailed daily itinerary for your trip. You can even get directions, maps and weather for each destination.



There are some of us who take an interest in aircraft companies and models. But who can tell a difference between a Boeing 747 and a Boeing 737? SeatGuru is created for that. It can tell you the relevant information to help you pick you ideal seat on the plane, with its detailed seat maps and get real-time flight alerts. There are even reviews by the community so if you want to research your flight, you can rely on the rather active commentary on each flight.



Started out as the first company that provided free real-time flight status and tracking map of any commercial flight worldwide. FlightAware’s tracking data includes complete flight details and full-screen maps with NEXRAD radar overlay. You can even enable notifications for what is last minute changes such as gate changes, delays, and diversions.



Changi Airport is currently in the midst of expanding. Soon there will be a Terminal 4. Can you recall which terminal does your airline bay at? With this app, you can save your flight information and get live updates on your home screen automatically. Departure and arrival times and the latest shopping and dining promotions at your convenience.



An app that is lauded by Computer World, Forbes, WSJ and Business Insider? Expensify is accounting at your fingertips, capturing receipts, converting currencies, tracking time or mileage, creating expense reports are now quick and easy.



Travelling in East Asia where English language is not as commonly spoken? WayGo helps you translate visually - snap a photo of the text on a menu or a sign and it translates it back for you. This app works without a connection and the free version allows you to translate 10 tries daily. For those who are learning the language, there is an aid for pronunciation of the words being translate.