The advantages of booking with a global hotel program

Convenience, cost control, consolidation and care

The advantages of booking with the FC global hotel program.

When searching for accommodation, companies can be overwhelmed with booking options. However, there is one booking solution that provides the advantages of flexible corporate rates, a wide selection of properties worldwide and value added extras – the FC global hotel program.

Look no further and understand why this is the best option for your accommodation needs:

Automatic corporate room allocation

Booking accomodation through your travel Manager using the FC global hotel program automatically assures your travelller of an allocated corporate hotel room, which is usually less noisy plus a little more spacious allowing for more comfort. 

Reporting and Recognition

All corporate bookings made through a Travel Manager are recognised as room night spend for your traveller and your company. This enables more accurate tracking and reporting on your total accomodation costs, consolidates your spend and can assist with negotiating anny future volume discounts.

Flexible ‘Best Rate of the Day’

The FC global hotel program provides the most flexible corporate accomodation rates. Due to the level of flexibility offered, rates are extremely competitive, based on the best rate of the day. The fully flexibile corporate rates allows bookings to be cancelled and amended easily within travel policy, and without incurring any penalty fees. Standard cancellation time is usually 6:00 pm.

Duty of Care

Booking all hotel and car requirements through the one provider strengthens your company's duty of care, enabling you to always know where your people are.

One simple request

All your transfer and accommodation bookings can be made through one simple request to your dedicated Travel manager or through the corporate online booking tool. There is no need for you to spend time researching options, speaking with multiple consultants, or submitting different enquiries to different properties. 

The added extras

Value-added savings can be enjoyed through the global SmartSTAY corporate benefits program.

Participating hotels offer travellers a minimum of three value added extras included in our flexible corporate rates, at no extra cost and valid year round.

Frequent Flyer Points paid

Earn frequent guest and/or frequent flyer program points from every hotel stay when booking the corporate hotel rate. In some cases, points are also paid on client negotiated rates booked through the global distribution system.