Mitigating Travel Risks


From extremist group activity, to the recent bombing in Bangkok, the world seems to be getting more dangerous. It is real and it is happening but with some careful planning and vigilance, you can avoid being caught in dangerous situations.

Check government websites

Travel advisories are constantly updated. They will indicate the threat level that your country of destination is exposed to. This enables you to make the right decision if travel should be restricted to business-critical missions only.

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Address and contact number your embassy or consulate

These will come in useful if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation. It is also good practice to carry paper copies of these details, as well as photocopies of your travel documents as a precautionary measure.


Have some cash in addition to credit cards, and keep both well hidden in case you need the money to pay for transportation to get out of the affected area.

Make use of technology

Subscribe to live news feeds or receive alerts via Twitter or other social platforms for the latest development on the situation.

Stay alert

Remain alert on unusually loud noises or chemical leaks. These are usually indicative signs of trouble. If that happens, quickly make your way to the nearest exit or safer ground.

Choosing the right travel management partner 

Make sure your travel management company is able to offer 24/7 support. FCm Secure is FCm’s comprehensive approach to travel risk management, which includes a suite of services that supports real-time communication and crisis response, including emergency evacuations. It will also be beneficial to store the emergency assistance numbers (both day and after hours) on your mobile phone for easy access.

There are certainly risks involved in all forms of travel. With a cautious and informed approach, one can curtail some of these risks and return home safely.

Would you travel to Bangkok in the next 3 months?

The recent Bangkok incident has sent jitters throughout the world even though some airlines took the initiative to waive rebooking penalties. There is mixed reaction whether business travellers are likely to return to Bangkok in the next few months.