Ground transportation deserves more attention

Crispian Lye, our Regional Director of Sales - Southeast Asia, shared his view on the importance of ground transportation as an invited panellist speaker at the recently concluded Corporate Travel World Asia Pacific, held in Bangkok, Thailand. Sharing the stage with other senior executives from Carey International, Utopia Global Inc and International SOS, Crispian emphasized that while service providers are investing to enhance their technology and offering to the marketplace, travel managers should also have a clear idea of what is truly needed to effectively meet their travel program objectives and attain optimum value from their suppliers. 

Traditionally, ground transportation plays a less starring role in corporate travel programmes, often outshined by air and accommodation services. However, road travel is statistically the most dangerous component of a trip and duty-of-care responsibilities are prompting more corporates to sit up and pay attention. With the emergence of the sharing economy, more concerns are raised concerning services like Uber as it is often perceived as unregulated and unmanaged.

As a leading travel management company, FCm places a lot of emphasis on providing our clients with end-to-end solutions and ensuring that travellers get safely to their destination with our concierge door-to-door service. We exercise our duty of care with precision – making sure our fleet of vehicles are well maintained with detailed background checks on our drivers to ensure that they are professional and knowledgeable of local traffic conditions. Our vehicles are also equipped with WIFI connectivity that allow travellers to stay in touch while on the go. Some vehicles are also equipped with GPS to allow real-time location tracking. 

Crispian ended by reiterating that the best approach a travel manager can adopt to mitigate travel risks is through best-of-class management of their travel program. In order for organisations to be better positioned to get the best value from their suppliers, they need to have a clear vision of how they want their travel program to materialise. This will involve objective review of their true needs, taking into account company culture, limitations on policy, appetite for technology adoption, propensity to spend on premium concierge and ground transportation services, etc.

The session was moderated by Benson Tang, Regional Director for Asia, ACTE.