Door-to-door a leader on the ground

It’s often the last aspect of travel that companies organise, yet it can create headaches if not planned in advance. Transfers between airports, hotels and offices can be complex and time-consuming – or as the more savvy companies are discovering – it can be stress-free, value-adding and productive.'

Door-to-door transfers

Booking door-to-door transfer services completes a business trip with benefits for both the traveller and their employer. Provided by specialist car transfer companies, these services can be pre-booked and ensure effective point-to-point transport using professional and qualified drivers with excellent local geographic knowledge.

Benefits for the Traveller 

Reliable – the transfer vehicle is booked, ready and awaiting travellers’ arrival. Experienced drivers pre-plan the most efficient routes to your destination.

Comfortable and safe – door-to-door services prioritize traveller safety through excellent vehicle mechanical upkeep, detailed background checks on chauffeurs, and strict standards in customer confidentiality, insurance coverage and quality assurance. Many door-to-door services also provide travellers with 24/7 service and real-time support.

Productive and convenient – after stepping off their flight, travellers can head directly from the airport to their hotel or office to get on with business, wasting no time in taxi queues or waiting for public transport. Door-to-door services can provide coordinated transport from multiple points for the most complex itineraries, saving the traveller significant time. Some vehicles offer WiFi allowing travellers to work while on the move.


Benefits For Companies

Peace of mind and duty of care – knowing which car transport company your people are travelling with and the confidence that they are safe, with maximum comfort and minimal hassle.

Productivity savings – with your travellers spending less time waiting and and more time on the business at hand.

Long-term value - minimise transfer costs by negotiating with a reputable provider that operates consistently across all or most of the key locations required.

Convenience - ability to book all transfers in different countries via one travel manager.

Chris Parker, Sales and Marketing Director for International car transfer specialist, Carey, an industry leader and global partner of FCTG Corporate, says door-to-door services help make travellers perform better while on the road.

Using ground transfer services, travellers can be confident they will arrive at their destination on time with less stress. The vehicle will be a calm place in which they can work, think, or prepare for their upcoming meeting or event. Ultimately this supports travellers in having positive and successful meetings, and gives them the best chance of winning potential business.”


Cost-saving opportunities

In developed markets, companies that actively use door-to-door services can potentially reduce costs by booking through travel managers with the ability to negotiate volume-based, discounted rates with suppliers. On key door-to-door routes, travel managers may be able to negotiate a dynamic discounted rate in addition to special route pricing, to drive the cost down for their corporate clients.

To optimise savings on high volumes of door-to-door bookings, FCTG Corporate recommends using a blend of local and global service providers. For companies regularly booking car travel for a city-specific route, a local door-to-door service provider may be able to offer locally competitive rates. For international or VIP servicing however, an internationally recognised service provider is recommended for consistency and assurance. This combined approach will help companies achieve the most cost-effective solutions for their overall door-to-door travel needs.